Alpha Group is a private company delivering services in the field of security.
Its main areas of expertise are close protection, driving and consultancy.
Alpha Group is specialised in protecting the physical integrity of peoples on European territory and in semi- hostile areas outside Europe.
The Group has an experience of over 3 decades in risky missions.


– Certificate of manager company of guarding

– Certificate basic guarding (royal decree 17/12/1990)

– Attestation of competence control of person long cycle (R.D. 30/12/99)

– Certificate of specialisation for montoring and protection of goods M.B.   29/12/90 Art 12

– Complementary training for protection agent Art 8 R.D. 17/12/1990

– Complementary  pratical training  in the discharge of armed activities concerning the protection of persons Art 12 R.D. 17/12/1990

– Theoritical and practical training in order to be able to hold,  to carry and transport weapons on missions Art 12 R.D. 17/12/1990

– Improvement Certificate for moving techniques and agression management

– Professional license CEPS anti-fire for protection agents

– Industrial first-aid Certificate

– Certificate shoting class pistol course

– Certificate  safety driving course 1, 2 , 3 level

– Certificate close protection course surveillance, counter surveillance, anti surveillance

– Certificate close protection course agression response, terrorism,analysis,case study, practice

– Training certificate tactical knife attack and defense techniques and tactics


This is an area where you have to serve an affluent and demanding clientele. Knowing how to adapt to irregular schedules, distinguished, with an irreproachable presentation, a discretion to any test, the driver ensures the transport in a vehicle of prestige equipped with the latest technologies in comfort.

The Alpha Group’s drivers have a solid experience, are formed and are in charge of looking and driving the V.I.P’s in Belgium, in Europe and outside the European Union.


The Alpha Group’s consultancy mission is to secure the physical integrity of customers, to protect their assets and to establish logistics and quality reports related to VIP missions in Europe or in third countries prior to the arrival of the VIP.

Alpha Group has a network of  highly qualified experts internationally established.

The objective is to prevent risks, secure sites and protect people during travel and property according to security legislation and regulations, can also carry out private investigations for individuals or companies, can supervise a team or a service.


The policy of strategic management of human resources focuses on the rigorous selection of our protection officers through physical and psychological tests.

The Alpha Group’s Agents have their certification approved by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior (Law of April 10, 1990).

The Group invests in additional training for our agents to enhance their skills to analyse emerging threats and set up devices to anticipate potential risks.

The bodyguard profession known as “last rampart” is an area in which a security officer aims to protect the life of the person to whom he is attached by both physical and technological means.

Today, it is on the psychological strength and the capacity of organization that these professionals are evaluated, the accompaniment is 30 per cent of the trade, upstream there is the organizational aspect, it is necessary to work on the Identification of the threat.





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